Monday, November 18, 2013

Lv 105 talents/runeforges

For patch 7.0, we're going to need some new talents! Continuing on our whole "become the lich king" theme, here are some ideas I came up with in chat today.

Vile Spirits: Summons 8 vile spirits over 4 seconds. These spirits last for 40 seconds, flying around, taunting, and attacking everything they can. At the end of their duration, they explode, doing their total health in damage to all targets within 10 yards. Replaces Army.

Infest: Deals X shadowfrost damage every 3 seconds. Removed if the target is above 90% health. Replaces Frost Fever.

Shadow Trap: Drops a shadow trap at the target location. After 5 seconds, the trap activates, and the next enemy to step inside the trap will set it off, doing X damage and knocking all enemies inside across the room.

Capture Soul: Cost: 20 runic plus 20 extra runic per second. Imprisons the target in your rune blade, where it cannot attack, or cast any abilities, or be attacked. The target will take X shadowfrost damage every second spent inside your runeblade, and you'll be unable to use your weapon for the duration. Works on bosses. DoTs continue ticking for the duration.

Fury of My Random Weapon: 10 second cast time, can only be cast below 10% health. Instantly kills all non-boss enemies and allies, and raises them as an ally to fight for you. 

What do you guys think?

Edit: Adding Runeforges:

Rune of Glacial Freeze: Your weapon strikes have a chance to slow the target's movement speed by 10%, stacking 10 times. When the target reaches 10 stacks, it becomes frozen for 3 seconds, stunning it. If you use a weapon strike on a frozen target, it will shatter, breaking the stun, and doing triple normal damage.

Rune of Undeath: Each killing blow dealt with this weapon will raise an undead minion to fight along-side you. (Tries to match up with what you kill; kill a humanoid get a skeleton, kill a dragon get an undead wyrm, ect)

Rune of Festerblight: Your weapon strikes have a small chance to apply both diseases to your target, doing 100% more damage than normal for the duration.

Rune of Blood: Converts 10% of damage done and damage taken into health.


  1. Vile Spirits-all hail Dota(Krobelus), give them a taunt and raid heal instead of DK heal are the only 2 differences. IMO should not have any channeling, since spirits can run off your sword. Could be really cool if there will be a glyph memorizing 8 last minions you killed exluding bosses, and applying some sick aura on them(like Celestial aura from 90lvl DMF trinkets).
    Infest-shadowfrost damage for unholy with their amp diseases? Let's just call it Unholy Fever.
    Shadow trap-sick and nice, the knockback won't be too far away thou, since it should not be as good as class ability of elemental shammies. Also there might be restrictions like you cannot place that under yourself, you can place it at least 20 yards away from you.
    Also these 3 and the last one are missing CD and runic cost, which is really sad :) Because one more UH disease, ticking SHADOWfrost but consuming UH rune as well will be challenging and give a second breathe to FeS(which looks totally useless in MoP announcements).
    Capture Soul-all hail Dota...hehe, I see it as an single-target version of Sindragosa's Br, but this will give too much CC in PvP for us+doing channeling spells as a DK... If it won't be channeling and simply disarm you for a while(with a cool effect of the sword flying next to the victim and draining it's soul), it will allow us to at least throw some coils/HAWRINGBASTS, otherwise-not fun and very situational.
    Fury on my Random Weapon-that's what I should do on raid wipe or when purgatoring. :)

  2. I heard patch 7.0 includes new runeforges as well :)

  3. After a good deal of number crunching I have to say that Fury of My Random Weapon may be slightly overpowered.