Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Upcoming Roundtable

Magdalena, Vereesa, Reniat, and myself will be will be discussing the changes that happened at blizzcon, the lv 100 dk talents, and the change to raid modes and the entire gearing paradigm. This will be less DK focused than the previous roundtables, but will still be very relevant to dks.

It will be, as usual, followed by a Q&A in case we've missed any questions over the past few, or if you wanted to ask a question related to the discussion and hear separate opinions instead of just mine.

Date: Saturday 16th November 2pm EST/New York


  1. Sup Mendenbarr!

    I don't know whether you've heard about this already,

    but apparently there was a guy who asked a blizz employee a handful of questions about DKs at Blizzcon!

    There are some interesting points here, especially 7 & 8.

    Maybe you want to discuss this in your roundtable, too,

    I'll make sure to tune in!



  2. Is this round table available somewhere?