Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Destiny Softworks

If you're on here for WoW related things, feel free to ignore this post.

So, what is Destiny Softworks? Destiny softworks is my dream; I want to be a game developer. One of the reasons I've spent so much time trying to understand class mechanics in WoW is because it was a good place to start in understanding game design in general. I've spent the past year learning how to use various tools for game design, and teaching myself about how the whole process works. Turns out, it's more complicated than it looks and is made up of a lot of different parts.

I'm not going to go into detail into all those parts, at least not here, but I will admit that I'm more proficient at some than others. Despite my skill or lack thereof in all of these fields, I've actually managed to create a small game over the past month that I'd like to share with you. You'll be able to find links under the VIP man page above.

VIP man is a 5 minute side scrolling shooter. You control a superhero clearly not based on superman at all, with either WASD or arrow keys. Click to shoot out your laser beams, which will help you destroy the enemies! Can you defeat the aptly named boss monster?

Everything in that game was done solely by me (other than the music), in my free time, and my word it shows. To that end:

Well, in a manner of speaking. You'll notice that VIP man is a bad game. The weakest aspect, in my opinion, is the aesthetic. The other parts of the game aren't amazing either, but that's because it's more of a proof of concept than something that I actually want to be good. I've begun work on a game that I hope will eventually evolve into a fully featured good release, one that I can sell, but until it gets a bit further along, the chance of any compensation is small. To that end, Destiny Softworks is now hiring without being able to pay a salary!

What are we looking for?

I'm looking for an artist. Fancy yourself one? Looking for a long term investment instead of a short term payoff? Apply today!

What will you be working on?

A small quantity of concept art, and then a fair number of 2D sprites and animations, as well as backgrounds. I'm not ready to reveal too much about the game yet, but it's got a lot to do with castles and siege warfare, so if you want to design some catapults, you're in luck!

I'm not interested. This isn't death knight related, why are you writing about this?

Well, the blog is called Destiny Softworks, not death knighty stuff. If you have no interest in my journey towards game design, fear not, just ignore all of the posts with the game design tag and nothing will change. However, this is both an integral part of my life, a major motivation for time I've spent on dks in the first place, and my dream. If you're not interested in working with me, but you are interested in checking out games made by me, or potentially being an alpha or beta tester, just stay tuned on the blog.

I might be interested, where can I talk to you more about this?

You can reach me at
For wow related stuff, I'd prefer if you still used the comment system on my blog, my twitter, or my mmoc PM box/dk help thread to contact me. Anything game design related feel free to stick in my email.

What if you can't find anyone to do art with you?

Then the game will just have to be done with my... *cough* unique style of art.


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  2. So... are you interested in any kind of feedback for VIP man? ;)

    1. Sure! I made it to get the hang of the kinda new 2D support for unity. Feedback is always appreciated, but I probably won't be touching that one again.

    2. Ok so here we go, two points directly regarding the game play:
      - If you just stay at the initial position and shoot constantly, you somehow will never get hit. Mostly of course due to the enemies be destroyed before they can shoot, but also a couple of times because the projectile just vanish in front of you. I guess it is somehow connected to the death of the enemy which results in the projectile to disappear or not do any damage
      - There is also a safe spot fighting the boss at the bottom of the screen

      And one point more towards the "design":
      - I missed some kind of (visual) feedback if my shots are hitting something or not (only a concern on the boss of course), so some kind of small explosions or something similar :)

    3. You have enough health to take 5 hits from projectiles, because I kept dying while testing it out and wanted to extend the life of the player a bit. A collision with an enemy should be a one shot.

      Without the safe spot and with such a boring shooting pattern, he would be nigh impossible to kill!

      Good point, I've got explosions for a kill, but none for just a hit on high health guys like the boss and you. I'll keep that in mind.