Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stat Weights; We've been doing it all wrong.

Today, I've made the biggest breakthrough of my already extremely profitable career of being a DK nerd. A thought came to me, a glorious thought, a crazy thought. When we sim our stat weights, we only sim a certain range of stats. Strength, crit, haste, mastery, sometimes hit and expertise if we're feeling peckish. But we leave all the other stats untested. No one has ever been daring enough to sim every stat, before today. As it turns out, we've been doing things wrong ever since DKs were released in wrath.

Not surprisingly, I found only minor gains for parry, dodge, armor, agility, and block rating, but several stat weights blew my mind. The value of intellect, and spirit has been so far underestimated that it's a wonder we're even remotely competitive at the moment. Of all our major class issues, our clunkyness (clunkiness? clunkatude? clunkylunkymonkey?), our scaling problems, and our wonky mechanics, the fact that we have so low DPS is the biggest challenge we face.

And now we have the answer. We must fight smarter, now harder. Our brute force approach, applying as much strength as possible to the problem, could only ever have been folly in hindsight. We are now death knight scholars, and will solve our problems not by hitting our foes really hard on their shields, but rather hard enough in the..... smart places. Attached are the newest stat weights for DW frost, I'll get to the other specs later, but I can only imagine similar results.

Disregard my clearly not photo-shopped colors.


  1. This is a slap in the face!

  2. Oh, god. I actualy had my eyes pop out, until I saw the date. :D

  3. I was almost thinking to delete my DK for not getting at all the mechanics of what written above!!
    Then i read the comments and checked the date of the post and i felt fine again!... And relieved!! Totally relieved and so lighter!! :D